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The idea of the creation of Eredo Provisional Archdeaconry was first muted sometime in 2005 by the Late Diocesan, Bishop of Yewa Diocese, The Rt. Revd. (Dr.) S.O.M Adebola. This idea was premised on two reasons:
1. The diocese felt that all our churches along roads should be developed and put in proper shape, hence churches along Ilaro/Owode road including those in Irogun axis were mapped out for carving
2. The influence and support both financially and morally of some personalities like the retired Bishop of Egba West, The Rt. Revd. S.O. Ajani, who once lived as a child in the area, and to be specific at St. Peter’s Church, Eredo.
It was based on the above reasons that Revd. S.O. M. Abiodun (now Ven. S. O. M. Abiodun) was posted to St. Peter’s Church, Eredo as Supervisory Vicar of the area in December 2005 to kicks start the creation of the area as an Archdeaconry comprising the following churches.
1. St. John’s Church, Iwoye, founded in 1936
2. St. Peter’s Church, Eredo, founded in 1948
3. St. Andrew’s Church, Ifemo Amosun, founded in1936 and was dedicated on Feb 6, 1940
4. Ebenezer Church, Ifemo Latunji, founded in 1927
5. St. James Church, Ojuota, founded in 1936
6. Christ Church, Kajola-Araromi, founded in 1948
7. Ebenezer Church, Irogun-Akere, founded 1936
The Archdeaconry was eventually created by The Rt. Revd. M.A. Oluwarohunbi, through his episcopal proclamation of the area as a Provisional Archdeaconry on the 7th day of June, 2014 during his first diocesan board meeting as a Bishop, at Dotun Ilo Hall, situated within the Bishop’s Court, Oke-Ela, Ilaro.
i. Revd. S.O. M. Abiodun- Supervisory Vicar 2005/2006
Revd. S.O. M. Abiodun- Supervisory Vicar 2006/2014
Ven. S.O. M. Abiodun- Archdeacon 2014 – 2018
Ven. A. D. Akintomide – Archdeacon 2018 – Till date
ii Other members of staff in the Archdeaconry
Revd. Canon Akinbode, - St. Peter’s Church, Eredo
Revd Odeboju - St. Andrew’s Church, Ifemo Amosun
Late Lyrd. Abijo- St. John’s Church, Iwoye
Lyrd. Laniyi Jonathan- Christ Church, Kajola Araromi
Lyrd.Falola- St. James Church, Ojuota
Lyrd. Peter Ajayi- Ebenezer Churcch, Ifemo Latunji
Lyrd. Sola Oladejo- Ebenezer Church, Irogun Akere
As a new Archdeaconry, efforts are in top gear towards the improvement of all the churches both physically and spiritually
i. Physically, new church buildings are being built to replace old church structures. At present, the new church auditorium, Archdeaconry office and vicarage building befitting the status of an Archdeaconry headquarters is almost complete at St. John’s Church, Iwoye.
The Church and vicarage building at Eredo already built and dedicated since 2006 and 2012 respectively Church and Vicarage buildings at St. Andrew’s Church, Ifemo Amosun, almost at dedication stage. St. James Church Oju-Ota building is at finishing stage.
Ebenezer Church, Olatunji new Church building about to be laid.
A new church building under construction after the collapse of the old church building is going on at Christ Church Kojola Araromi.
ii The arrival of two priests into the Archdeaconry, courtesy of the Diocesan, The Rt. Revd. M.A. Oluwarohunbi in the persons of Revd. Ojo and Revd. Oyewole, has brought a tremendous improvement spiritually. It is worth mentioning the financial assistance regularly extended to the Archdeaconry by the Diocese since its creation. Efforts are already in top gear at growing the worship center at Ipake near Iwoye and Okerinja near Eredo.
The following people played important role in the creation and growing of the Archdeaconry: Late Rt. Revd. & Mrs. Adebola, Rt. Revd. & Mrs. Oluwarohunbi, Ven. E.A. Akinola, Ven S.O. & Mrs. Abiodun, Rtd. Rt. Revd. S.O. Ajani, Late Mrs. Abiodun Shobowale, Lyrd. A.G. Adesile, Lyrd. Falola, Chief Falola (The Baale of Ojuota), Baba Onipede of Amosun,Mama Ogundele of Amosun, High Chief Jas Oyekan (The Adele Olu of Ilaro), Chief Bisi Akinola (The Onijado of Ijado), Late Mrs. Victoria Taiwo, Late Pa Taiwo, Late Pa Abijo, Mrs. Omoniyi, Mrs. Adewole, Mrs. Bankole, Lyrd. & Lyrd. (Mrs.) Adegbite, Chief Onifade and Chief Adigun Ezekiel, all from St. John’s Iwoye, Ven. Sola Ladipo Ajayi, Chief & Chief Mrs. Akinjobi, Late Chief Mrs. Olabimtan and Dr. (Mrs.) Olamigoke.