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1. The Archdeaconry was inaugurated in 2004
2. Past Archdeacons to date:
1. Ven. E.A. Elegbede Feb. 2004 – Feb. 2008
2. Ven. E.B. Matimiloju Feb. 2014 – 2018
3. Ven. B. O. A. Olatubosun 2018 – till date
3. Progress so far recorded:
(a) Two new churches were established, built and dedicated: - Christ the light Tube. Single handedly built and handed over to the diocese for dedication by Chief (Mrs.) J.B. Mautin (JP) on the 12th December, 2012 (12/12/2012) by Rt. Revd. (Dr.) S.O.M. Adebola. Christ the King Church, Idiroko built and dedicated on the 27th December, 2013 by Rt. Revd. (Dr.) S.O.M Adebola.
(b) Christ Church, Ipokia that was long overdue for dedication was also dedicated on the 30th April 2008 by Rt. Revd. (Dr.) S.O.M. Adebola
(c) St. Paul’s Church, Idiroko was dedicated on the 26th April, 2009 by the Rt. Revd. (Dr.) S.O.M. Adebola
(d) St. Peter’s Church, Oniru was dedicated on the 3rd November, 2013 by the Rt. Revd. (Dr.) S.O.M. Adebola.
(e) 2 new outstations have been started at Ajegunle Area of Idiroko presently being managed by Evangelists O.S. Ojomo and Abel ZinsuAgosu.
(f) New church vicarage foundation was laid on the 28th March, 2012 and dedicated on the 14th July, 2013
(g) St. Paul’s Church, Idiroko, the Archdeaconry mother church was given a new look by tiling the church Auditorium, provision of marble Altar and Marble Pulpit by Otunba Wale Erinle and Chief (Mrs) B.A. Bajo (IyaIjo of the Church till date).
4. Those who have worked for the progress of the Archdeaconry includes:
1a. Late Chief James Erinle (The First Baba Ijo)
1b. Late Chief Mrs. Beatrice Erinle (The First IyaIjo)
2. Late Chief JadesimiOdugbesan (Second Baba Ijo)
3. Late Chief DurojayeAjayiOgunmodede
4. Late Chief John IsolaGbadamosi (JP)
5. Late Amos Odufuwa
6. Late Mr. M.A. Omoleye
7. Late Mr. Fatola Ola
8. Late Chief E.A. Osanyinbi (Chief Treasurer for many years)
9. Late Chief (Mrs.) S. AmopeOsanyinbi (IyaEgbeAya Bishop)
10. Chief (Mrs.) B. AyodeleBajo (IyaIjo St. Paul till date)
11. Madam A.J. Alagbe
12. Chief (Mrs.) J.B. Mautin
13. Mr. Emmanuel Okoli
14. Mrs. Esther A. Ojo (The daughter of the owner of the house where the church began)
15. Mr. R.O. Adeboyejo
16. Chief & Mrs. G.A. Adelekan
17. Mr. A.A Mautin
18. Chief Z.A. Pehunesi
19. Chief E.M. Omoleye
5. The present workers in the Archdeaconry are:
A. Ven. B. O. A. Olatubosun – Vicar/Archdeacon, Idiroko Provisional Archdeaconry
B. Revd Benjamin – Vicar, Chief the King, Idiroko
C. Revd. Fasunon– Vicar, Christ the Light Tube
D. Evangelist – Ajegunle Church I
E. Evangelist – Ajegunle Church II
6. Names of churches in the Archdeaconry are:
1. St. Paul’s Church, Idiroko (Headquarter)
2. Christ Church, Ipokia
3. Christ the King Church, Idiroko
4. Christ the Light Church, Tube
5. St. Peter’s Church, Ipinle
6. St. Peter’s Church, OdanIjaiye
7. St. Peter’s Church, Oniro
8. St. John’s Church, Idosuo
9. St. Mary’s Church, Alaga
10. Anglican Church, Odanpopo
11. Anglican Church, Ajegunle I & II