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(a) Time of creation: 25th June, 2014
(b) Archdeacons to date:
• Ven. E.I. Alade – 2014 – 2018
• Ven. O. O. Agboola - 2018 – till date
The Anglican Church Ilara was conceived by Mrs. Fagbohun, a native of Igan Alade who was a teacher at Ilara. The founding members are: Mrs. Fagbohun, Mr. Ajadi, Mr. S.A. Ogunwobi, Mr. Akindele and Chief S.C. Okoli. Ven. Fagbemi (rtd) was the Archdeacon of Ketu Archdeaconry and vicarm of St. Peter’s IganAlade at the time the church was planted.
The church auditorium and the vicarage were dedicated on 31st August, 2013 by Rt. Revd. Dr. S.O.M. Adebola.
Since the day the church was planted, up to the day it became an Archdeaconry, evangelists had been pastoring the church. The evangelist that handed over to the Archdeacon was Evang. D.O. Ajibiaran (now Revd D. O. Ajibiaran).