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The history of St. Peter Anglican Church, Oke-Ore, can be traced back to the few members of St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Ajegunle who were residents of Oke-Ore but later decided to establish a church at Oke-Ore in 1930 due to the uncomfortable trekking on Sundays for services at Ajegunle. One living legend, Mrs. Mercy Subuola Ajoke Odunfa (born in 1919) recorded that her father and mother, Pa. Daniel Ogunjobi-Oluwale (1st Baba Ijo of St. Peter’s Oke-Ore) and Madam Alice Kehinde Ogunjobi-Oluwale were part of the first generation of worshippers that left Ajegunle to start a new church that was named after their former church.
Many notable founders, leaders and members that started the church at Amode quarters, Oke-Ore were Pa. Isaiah Omoleye (Baba Egbe Ijo), Pa. James Oluwale (Balogun Ijo), Pa. Solomon Oguntolu Olukade (Otun Baba Ijo), Pa. James Akinwunmi Egunleti (Asiwaju Ijo), Madam Alice Kehinde Oluwale Ogunjobi Alias Owo-Yi (Iya Egbe Ijo), Pa. Solomon Oluwale (1st layreader), Pa. Michael Kumapayi (1st treasurer), Madam Sarah Morenike Omoloye (1st Iya Ijo), Pa. Joseph Ayinla Fayomi Ogunlade (First Sexton).
Other members of the congregation were Madam Mercy Oluwale, Pa. David Bamgbade, Timothy Ibikunle Ogunlade, Omosanya, Solomon Omosanya, Matthew Kumapayi, Solomon Omoloye, Gabriel Bolarinwa, Madam Marian Olaide Olukade. They all played meaningful roles in the development of the church and at various stages of the church. Many reputable families joined the returnees from Ajegunle to start and establish the first church and presently the permanent site, is at the third location.
However, the families include Pa. Edward Oluyomi, Joseph Akinlolu, Joshua Olaleye, Ebenezer Edun, Gabriel Akingbehin, Johnson Edun, David Omosanya, Solomon Omosanya, Elijah Ogunlade, Isaac Bamgbose, Jeremiah Bamgbade, Chief Ebenezer A. Oluwale, Pa. George Bamgbade, Alfred Oluwale, Jacob Adeoye Oluwale, George Oluwale (2nd BabaIjo), Ebenezer Olukade, Ezekiel Olukade (alias Olotu), Matthew Omoloye, Michael Omoloye, Abraham Olajide, Isaac Olukade, Samuel Akingbehin, Madam Sabainah Olukunle Olawale, Elizabeth Subulade Bamgbade, Bernice Solabomi Omosanya, Reginah Egundupe, Eunice Akinlolu, Abigail Akinlolu, Rebecca Morinola Egunleti, Marian Egunleti, Alice Oluyomi and Mama F.T. Oluwale.
St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Kajola-Ibooro has been the headquarters of the group of churches since 1965 until Saturday, 8th October, 2011 when the late Bishop, Rt. Revd. Dr. S.O.M. Adebola, announced the transfer of the administrative seat of the Provisional Archdeaconry which was established since 1995 to St. Peter’s Church, Oke-Ore during the retirement thanksgiving service of Revd. Canon James Ijaduola Amoo.
Since then, the following administrators had worked there: The Venerable Emmanuel I. Alade replaced by the Venerable Abel A. Omonona followed by the Venerable Emmanuel O. Olaoye, and the current Administrator is Ven. Kusanu.