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Meet Mama Yewa

Mama Yewa

Mrs. Grace O. Oluwarohunbi took over the Presidency of Women’s Organization on the assumption of office of the Rt Rev’d. Michael Adebayo Oluwarohunbi as the Bishop of Yewa Diocese, 6th March, 2014. It coincided with the change era in Nigeria and it has been change galore, notable among which are;
1. Involvement of the laity in the running of the affairs of the women through the creation of a Steering Committee on 29th March, 2014 comprising of clergy wives, church chiefs, and two representatives from each parish.
2. Production of 2014 calendar within two months of arrival.
3. Appointment of Ven.A. Ibikunle as the Women’s Chaplain
4. Mobilization of women for 2014 Women Conference which had the largest turnout of more than 600 women since the creation of the Diocese.
5. Procurement of Yewa Diocese uniform on borrowed funds and paid back within the year.
6. Floating the Women Organization Programmes on zero account.
7. Introduction of Mother of Conference at conventions.
8. Introduction of varieties to spice up Mothering Sunday like; visit to the elderly, the prison, Mother of Excellence Awards, Family of Honour Awards, family funfair etc
9. Bringing elegance into the lives of all clergy wives and women in the Diocese.
10. Establishment of Boys Guild and Men of Valour to cater for the men of tomorrow.
11. Introduction of Women Diocesan Vigil.
12. Mama Oluwarohunbi’s emergence led to the renovation of the Ore-Ofe plaza, rewiring work was done, the kitchen made more conducive for cooking, in fact to the glory of God, Mama’s first assignment was the hosting of Mama Ademowo and entourage at our Ore-Ofe Plaza.
13. The Women Vocational Building was converted to private suites with toilet and baths for couples on personal retreat, bed spreads, pillows and pillow cases were bought; bigger mattresses were also procured for the main hostel. 14. Two big freezers, cooking pot were procured and re-grassing of the plaza were done with the assistance of Mrs. O.O. Oloyo
15. The establishment of sachet and bottled water factory called “Yewa Living Water”.
16. The widows Fellowship was renamed Bride of the Lord and at the 2014 Women Christmas Thanksgiving; the brides of the Lord were given rice, groundnut oil and cash.
17. Annual Women’s Conference
18. Annual Family Funfair
19. Annual Women’s Harvest
20. Annual Women Sports Fiesta.
ACTION & OUTREACH UNIT: Headed by Mrs. M. A. Ladipo-Ajayi.
PRAYER & SPIRITUALITY: Headed by Mrs. C. O. Orukotan,
MARKETING UNIT: Headed by Mrs. O. A. Morenikeji.