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Mrs. Adebola


Mama Adebola was born on the 3rd of January 1949. She hailed from Ikole Local Government Area of Ekiti State. She had her early education at Saint Paul’s Anglican Primary School, Ikole, from where she proceeded to St Catherine’s Girls School in Owo, where she served as a prefect in her senior years. She graduated from the University of Ibadan in 1971 with a B.A in French with honours. Mama Adebola got married on the 12th August 1972. Mama was a seasoned teacher in Lagos State and she rose through the ranks to become a Principal, the post from which she retired in 2006.
On retirement, Mama became the substantive Principal of Ipadeola Bolaji Model College, Ilaro, named after the pioneering bishop and her experience in Lagos State became a tool for the development of the school, all these she did pro bono (without any salary). In fact the Home Economics department showed her culinary skill because it was heavily equipped to standard. Mama complemented her husband’s ministry in prayer and conduct she embarked on several projects aimed at meeting the needs of women and young ladies in the diocese some of which will be outlined later. Unfortunately after serving Yewa diocese and her people, Mama Adebola passed on to glory on the 21st March 2014 exactly 17 days after retirement at 65years. God rest her soul.
THE MINISTRY: As soon as Mama Abigail Adebola became the President of the Women’s Organization (16th September, 2001 – 5th March, 2014) her effort in complementing Baba’s work came on board, by the establishment of Yewa Marriage Initiative (YEMI). It was a scheme established to solve marital problems. In October 2012 the school, Ipadeola Bolaji Model College celebrated 10 years with a week-long activity, of note is the novelty match between the girls of the school and the members of the Women Organization. In the year 2002, the women participated actively by providing sumptuous meal at the inauguration of Easter Picnic on Monday after Easter. It was really the first of its kind. Help line for orphans and widows was launched on the 3rd of July,2011 under the able leadership of Mrs. O. O. Adewumi, who undertook the task of raising fund for the project and 10 widows were empowered at the 2012 conference with the sum of a hundred thousand naira, to the glory of God.
It was during her tenure that the Dorcas Friendly Society was birthed with the sole aim of assisting old people, widows, orphans, and people with special needs. Mama Adebola mobilized women to buy two acres of land opposite the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, to be used for a girl’s hostel project while a set of 100 plastic chairs were purchased. Later, when the population of students of the Polytechnic was reduced, the plaza was refurbished as a Women Vocational Centre, where women were trained in different trades such as bead making, hat making, sewing, cookery etc. This was dedicated on the 6th of March 2013. Mama Adebola also scored high in the establishment of the engagement committee ably coordinated by Mrs. Abimbola Ojo, they do not charge any fees and yet does things decently and moderately to make wedding engagement events colorful and Christianly.
The initiative to dig a borehole for the school for Children with Special Needs, based in Ilaro started in 2008, to alleviate the arising from lack of water by the special children and this came to fruition in 2009.
The year 2008, marked the anniversary of 100 years of the founding of Mothers Union in Nigeria, the Association of Women of Grace (widows) was re-launched on the 16th of December 2008 and more than one hundred widows were in attendance for the event. Venerable Akinola, Rev. Canon E. I. Alade and Revd. A.A. Ogunwusi were in attendance to facilitiate the programme.
Mama A.A. Adebola marked her 60th birthday at the Clergy Wives Christmas party of 3rd Jan.2009. The year witnessed the replacement of the usual Apoti Ope with Thanks Offering Card which later metamorphosed into “Gboluwaga”. In 2009, Family of Honours Awards was inaugurated and the proceeds realized were used to purchase a new Mitsubishi bus L300 to replace the old Bus, Rev. I.O. Olaleye coordinated the programme.
Mama served as Principal of the Ipadeola Bolaji Model College after her retirement from the Lagos State Teaching Service Commission in 2006. She served for thirteen years as President of Mothers Union and Women’s Guild. It was during her tenure that the Roses of Christ was born, an association for young ladies. Ven E.A. Akinola served as the Women’s Chaplain during mama’s tenure she retired with Baba on the 5th March, 2014, after a meritorious serving in the Lord’s vineyard on age ground.
During the 20th Year Anniversary at Ore-Ofe Plaza, the numbers of Archdeaconries was increased to eleven; I. Yewa North Archdeaconry
II. Yewa South Archdeaconry
III. Yewa North West Archdeaconry
IV. Yewa Central Archdeaconry
V. Ketu Archdeaconry
VI. Owode Provincial Archdeaconry
VII. Yewa South East Archdeaconry
VIII. Kajola Iboro Provincial Archdeaconry
IX. The Cathedral
X. Idi-Iroko Provincial Archdeaconry
XI. Oja-Odan Provincial Archdeaconry