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Dr. Mrs. Bolaji


Mama Bolaji was a trail blazer for the activities of the Womens’ Organization. She was the president of the women organization between 2nd November, 1990 to 5th June, 2001.
During her time, the Diocese was divided into seven Archdeaconries:
I. Cathedral Church of Christ, Ilaro
II. Yewa North Archdeaconry
III. Yewa South Archdeaconry
IV. Yewa Central Archdeaconry
V. Ketu Archdeaconry
VI. Kajola-Ibooro Provincial Archdeaconry.
This was done to oversee the churches in the diocese. The 10th year anniversary took place between the 27th and 5th November 2000 and the women of the diocese were given a full day to celebrate.
Mama Bolaji retired as the President of the Mothers Union/Women’s Guild after the Lord Bishop attained the statutory age of seventy years and a notification letter to proceed on leave was submitted on the 5th June 2001 after serving meritoriously for 10 years and seven months.