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Owode Yewa Archdeaconry was carved out of Yewa South Archdeaconry as a Provisional Archdeaconry and was inaguarated on Thursday 10th May, 2001 by the First Bishop of Yewa Diocese, The Rt. Revd. T.I.O. Bolaji with only four churches. During the second episcopacy and restructuring of administrative areas, seven other churches were added.
Through evangelistic zeal and aggression, five new churches were founded and they are all on their permanent sites. On Friday 7th March, 2010 the Archdeaconry was inaugurated as a fully-fledged archdeaconry by the 2nd Bishop of Yewa Diocese, The Rt. Rev. Dr. S.O.M. Adebola.
The Archdeaconry has since grown in strength and in the power of God. Situated in the fastest growing Yewa town, the Archdeaconry has potentials for growth and expansion. To date 3 new churches have been added and efforts are on to get landed properties to site them. The Archdeaconry has always been blessed with hard working Church workers and Priests and this has helped greatly in putting the Archdeaconry on a sound footing.
Past and present Archdeacons are:
1. Rev. E.I. Alade (now Venerable) 2001-2004
2. Ven. A.D. Akintomide 2004-2008
3. Ven.E.B. Matimiloju 2008-2014
4. Ven. J. S. S. Wusa 2014- 2018
5. Ven. N. B. Oluwatade 2018 – Till date
With all potentials in the Archdeaconry properly harnessed and coordinated, the Archdeaconry by the grace of God will be a force to be reckoned with among other administrative areas in the Diocese of Yewa. The Mother Church, St. Paul’s Church, Owode shall be hosted 2016 Diocesan Synod and in 2019 hosted the Diocesan Women’s Conference..