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Yewa North-East Provisional Archdeaconry was carved out of Yewa North Archdeaconry with headquarters at Fry Memorial Church, Isaga Orile. Yewa North-East Archdeaconry with its headquarters at Christ Church, Imasayi, was officially inaugurated on 16th February 2014 by the Rt. Revd. Dr. S.O.M. Adebola who was the Bishop of Yewa Diocese at the time.
At creation and inauguration, the Provisional Archdeaconry was made up of
i. Anglican Church, Aga-Asade
ii. Anglican Church, Oke-Owode, Imasayi (The two churches were supervised by Christ Church, Imasayi)
iii. St. Peters’ Church, Sawonjo
iv. St. Peters’ Church, Abule Oke (with Revd. Canon S.O. Ogunole as Vicar)
v. St. Peters’ Church, Igbogila (with Revd Canon J.O Adefeso as Vicar)
vi. Christ Church, Imasayi (with Ven. Olaoye as Vicar and chairman of the Provisional Archdeaconry).
Christ Church Imasayi, is the Administrative Headquarters of Yewa North East Provincial Archdeaconry. According to Chief Simeon C.O. Elegbede, “the idea of Christianity in Imasayi did not occur as a direct product of evangelism but by sheer divine intervention (Fruit of Faith by S.C.O. Elegbede). Chief Elegbede has the following story about Christ Church, Imasayi, in his book entitled “Fruit of Faith” and published by Pramel Ventures.
“Christianity in Imasayi emerged from local politics during the era of Seriki Abaasi of Aibo Quarters in Ayetoro.” The Imasayi Elders at the will of their people were constituted into a sort of regency over their community in the absence of a substantive ruler (i.e the period of interregnum between the reign of the 12th and 13th Olumasayi.)
The Imasayi Elders perceived Seriki Abaasi’s administrative style as exploitative and despotic. They resolved to free themselves from what they conceived as despotic and dictatorial tendencies of a local demagogue by agreement on utilizing the service of a scribe (Akowe), who would present their legitimate opinions before the colonial masters. In that wise, they could rectify or counter in a way, whatever biases that Seriki Abaasi might have conceived or exploited against them. The elders dispatched a powerful delegation to some of the Imasayi indigenes that were residing in Lagos and among the Imasayi indigenes that were resident in Lagos then were Sergeant Abayomi and Mr. Abatan Taiwo.
In response to the request from Imasayi, Sergent Abayomi and Mr. Taiwo consulted with Ven. T.A.J. Ogunbiyi in Lagos and also contacted the Church Missionary Society (CMS) that was stationed at Badagry. For reasons of proximity to Imasayi, the mission at Badagry redirected the delegation to the mission outpost at Ake in Abeokuta. The branch of the society received the emissaries from Imasayi and implored them to come back again for a feedback at a later date. Things worked out well by divine intervention as a freedom adventure turned to a missionary journey. Sergeant Abayomi and Mr. Taiwo Abatan worked out the modality for teaching the community how to read “ABD Olope” and the Bible. The catechist at Isaga then, Mr. D. Odumade was redirected by Revd. J. E. Akande to occasionally come to Imasayi to teach the elderly ones how to read and write. A make-shift shed known as “Jingiri” that was made of wood and “ekan” grass was constructed under the tree near the old market site at “Isale Oja” Imasayi, and the shed was dedicated as the first place of Christian worship and literacy class in 1909. Those that were proficient enough were baptized at Isaga and were later confirmed at St. Peter’s Church, Ake, Abeokuta, but after some time confirmation was shifted to Isaga.
It was gathered that between 1922 and 1923, another place of worship known as “Elehin Oga” (a chameleon’s back) was built at another site to replace “Jingiri” that was improvised in 1909.
A conventional church building with a vicarage was put up in 1928 to replace the “Elehin Oga” type. It was built of mud walls and covered with corrugated iron sheets. On 27th June 1946, Canon S.E.O. Soyemi, laid the foundation stone of the current Christ Church, Imasayi and it was dedicated on 18/11/1980 by the Rt. Revd. T.I. Akintayo.
The first confirmation service was held at Christ Church, Imasayi by Rt. Revd. T.I. Akintayo in 1982. The second confirmation service was held at Christ Church Imasayi by Rt. Revd. T.I.O Bolaji in October 1992. The first confirmation service in Imasayi as the seat of Yewa North-East Provisional Archdeaconry was held on 2nd Nov. 2014 by the Rt. Revd. Michael A. Oluwarohunbi. Early clerics ascribed the honour of establishment of Ago Onigbagbo (Believers, Enclave) were, Revd. J. E. Akande, Revd. Joseph Fagbola Peters (visiting superintending Vicar from Abeokuta) and Revd.Canon Soyemi who was initially at Isaga-Orile before shifting his base to Ilaro.
Chronological Register of workers at Christ Church, Imasayi:
1. Mr. Esuruoso 1911 Catechist
2. Mr. Adegun 1925 Catechist
3. Mr. Ademulegun 1925-1930 Catechist
4. Mr. Akinbbami 1930-1935 Catechist
5. Mr. E.F. Bamkole 1935-1939 Catechist
6. Mr. D.S. Odunsusi 1953-1956 Catechist
Revd. D.S. Odunsusi 1953-1956 1st Vicar
7. Revd. S.A. Famose 1957-1964 Vicar
8. Mr. R.O. Adesimbo 1964-1967 Catechist
9. Mr. S.A. Olatunde 1967-1977 Catechist
Revd. S.A. Olatunde 1977-1979 Vicar
10. Revd. T.O. Omosola 1980-1989 Vicar
11. Revd. A.O. Fadairo 1990-1992 Vicar
12. Revd. E.B. Matimiloju 1992-1998 Vicar
Ven. E.B. Matimiloju 1995-1998 Vicar
13. Canon M.O. Alabi 1998-2001 Vicar
14. Revd. Akinyemi Kolade 2001-2006 Vicar
15. Revd. Canon J. Oluojo 2006-2007 Vicar
16. Revd. A.A. Omonana 2007-2009 Vicar
17. Revd. E.O. Olaoye 2009-2012 Vicar
18. Revd. T.A. Faseyitan 2012-2013 Vicar
19. Ven. E.O. Olaoye 2013-2015 Vicar & Archdeacon Chairman (YNEPA)
20. Ven. D.A.Y Akinwumi 2015-2019 Vicar & Administrator (YNEPA)
21. Ven. Bisi Olalowo December 2019 till date Vicar & Administrator (YNEA)
Before Christ Church Imasayi became an Archdeaconry headquarters, it had the opportunity of hosting a collation service for Ven. E.B. Matimiloju on August 20, 1995.
Yewa North East Provisional Archdeaconry could not have to come at that time if not for the collaborative efforts and deep commitment of some people. We thank God for them and pray that God will bless them all. Time and space would not allow us to list all of them, however mention must be made of the following: HRM Oba Gbadebo Adesola Oni, Aribio III- the Olu of Imasayi Kingdom, Chief J.A. Oyewole, Chief C.A. Kuyebi, Mr. M.O. Olukunle, Hon. Bayo Falana, Mr. S.O. Oguntade, Hon. (Mrs) Dupe Olajubutu, Mr. Bode Taiwo (all PCC members of Christ Church Imasayi then), Mr. Kayode Bamgbolayin, Mrs Elizabeth Bose Akinfenwa, Mr. P.L. Okunade & Mr. Sanjo Babayanju, Pa. Reuben Abiola, M. Ojerinde & L/R J.A. Bamgbose, Chief C.A. Ewulo, Mrs Susannah Fagbohun, Mr. Gbenga Akindele e.t.c
The Archdeaconry has been growing spiritually and numerically. The Church at Sawonjo now has full time vicar while the Church at Oke-Owode, Imasayi, is being manned by a Holy Spirit led evangelist. We bless God for His mercies on all the members both clergy and laity. Yewa North East Provisional was declared a full fledge Archdeaconry in December, 2019 by the Rt. Revd. Michael A. Oluwarohunbi.