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Perhaps it would be better to start this history with an explanation on the connection and difference between the three names- Yewa North Local Government Area, Yewa North Archdeaconry and Yewa North-West Archdeaconry respectively. Yewa North Local Government Area is the second half of the two political Areas into which Yewa Division was divided, with Ayetoro as the headquarters. It is bounded on the east by Abeokuta Local Government, on the west by Benin Republic. On the North by Ibarapa Division of Oyo State and on the south by Yewa South Local Government. Yewa North Archdeaconry and Yewa North- West Archdeaconry are two separate Anglican Communion (C.M.S) Jurisdictions. The two areas however share many things in common and they are made up of churches in the then Egbado North Local Government Area.
The journey so far:
In 1994, Egbado District Council emerged with Ilaro as the headquarters. The District comprised Isaga, Ayetoro, Igan-Alade, Oke-Odan and Ilaro Parishes. In 1974, Egbado North District Church Council was born with Isaga as the headquarters. It consisted of Isaga, Ayetoro and Igan-Alade Parishes.
On April 16, 1988, Egbado North-West Provisional District Church Council with thirteen Churches came into being with her seat at Ayetoro. Revd. Canon S.F. Daramola was the first chairman. On July 1, 1990, Revd. S.A. Taiwo was transferred from the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter, Ake, Abeokuta, to St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Ayetoro, as Vicar and acting Chairman, while Revd. Canon S.F. Daramola was transferred to the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter, Ake, Abeokuta. The district, through the grace of God, founded three new churches while two parishes- Ayetoro and Imala attained full status of District Church Council on October 6th, 1990.
Furthermore, on April 28, 1991, the young district was approved for the status of an Archdeaconry alongside the two Archdeaconries- Yewa South Archdeaconry and Yewa North Archdeaconry in the new Egbado Diocese.
According to Clarke:
“ This is the day the Lord hath made
He calls the hour His own
Let heaven rejoice, let earth be glad
And praise surrounds the throne.”
That was the apt description of 12th October, 1991 when Yewa North-West Archdeaconry was inaugurated at solemn service performed by the Rt. Revd. T.I.O Bolaji, the then Bishop of Yewa Diocese. Furthermore, Revd. S.A. Taiwo was collated as the first Archdeacon of the newly inaugurated Archdeaconry, and inducted as the Vicar of Saint Paul’s Anglican Church, Ayetoro.
1. St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Ayetoro 1911
2. St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Saga-Orile 1910
3. St. John’s Anglican Church, Imala 1915
4. St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Idi-Ori 1917
5. St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Ilogun-Orile 1917
6. St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Akiliyi 1917
7. All Saint Anglican Church, Owode-ketu 1917
8. St. Michael’s Anglican Church, Falekan 1919
9. St. Mattew’s Anglican Church, Idi-Emi 1942
10. St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Ijale-Orile 1950
11. St. Michael’s Anglican Church, Agboro Afon 1953
12. St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Anigbado 1960
13. St. John’s Anglican Church, Ibara Afon 1984
14. St. James Anglican Church, Owode Afon 1987
15. All Saint Anglican Church, Olorunda 1988
16. St. Barnabas Anglican Church, Ayetoro 1990
17. St. Bartholomew’s Church, Ayetoro 1990
Ven. S.A Taiwo 28-6-1990 to 30-6-1998
Ven. J.A Fadipe 1-8-1998 to 16-2-2000 on transfer
Ven. S.O Adebeso 16-2-2000 to 21-2-2009 on transfer
Ven. J.O Ojo 1-3-2009 to 10-2- 2014 on transfer
Ven. A. D Akintomide 10-2-2014 to 2016
Revd Canon M. I. Fatukasi 2016 – 2018
Ven. J. S. S. Wusa 2018 – till date