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The journey of Christianity in Ajilete began from a man called Daddy Andrew Sanu. He was a native of Oke-Odan and the son of Pa. Adeyemi Ogidan. Daddy Andrew Sanu was captured in 1780 during the incessant wars when the combine Lagos and Egba forces besieged Ilobi-Ile. He became a slave under a master in Abeokuta and was later freed. He accepted Jesus Christ and was baptized by the Rt. Revd. Ajayi Crowther at St. John’s Anglican Church, Igbein, Abeokuta in 1848. He became an evangelist with the Church Missionary Society (CMS), Ake, Abeokuta. In 1864, he came with Rev. Mann to Oke-Odan, where his father was then living. He and Revd. Mann faced so many frustrations and conflicts. As a result of this, Daddy Andrew Sanu ran awy for Oke-Odan and went to live in Lagos.
In 1890, Daddy Andrew Sanu retired and settled at Ajilete. He lived there for three years. He built a church in Ajilete. This was the first church in Ajilete. He constructed a road from Ajilete to Oke-Odan in 1893 for easy accessibility along the Yewa creeks. Daddy Andrew Sanu and the early Christian converts enjoyed the support of the people of Ajilete so much. He met some willing elders yearning for Christianity in Ajilete. Amongst the elders were: Pa. Cornelius Tonade, Daniel Odesanya, Pa. Moses Ajayi, Pa. Joseph A. Ajibode, Pa. Simeon Ogunbiyi, Pa. David Tella, Pa. Emmanuel Ajayi and with them he evangelized and constructed the first church building in Ajilete. The church was named St. Peter’s C.M.S Church, Ajilete.
In 1910, another land was acquired from the Obanla family at Ago-Erinja, Ajilete, where the second church building was built with the missionary assistance of Revd. Jesse J. Ransome-Kuti. Mr. A.I. Ogunbiyi superseded over the church and the school. The Church Missionary Society (CMS) usually sent supervising priests to the church from Abeokuta. Amongst whom were Revd. Jesse J. Ransome Kuti, Revd. J.F. Peter and others.
In 1917, a controversy arose between Mr. A.I. Ogunbiyi (Later Bishop) and Bishop Oluwole of the then Lagos Dioces at St. Peter’s Church, Ajilete, over the confirmation of polygamous members. The Bishop refused to confirm 150 members with more than one wife in the line C.M.S constitution. He ordered that Mr. A.I. Ogunbiyi, the agent to get married legally. Mr. Abraham I. Ogunbiyi, was not pleased and this led to the withdrawal of the church form C.M.S authority to the African Church Organization.
In 1928, the third church building was constructed and completed. The church was christened, St. John’s C.M.S Church and dedicated by the Revd. Isaac Oluwole on 20th January, 1929. The founders and leaders of the church then were, Pa. Moses Aina, Pa. Daniel Odesanya, Pa. Ezekiel Obayomi, Pa. Emmanuel Ajayi, Pa. Abraham Akindele, pa. Jaccob Ajibade, Pa. Nathaniel Ajibode to mention but a few. The population in the third church continued to grow such that it could not accommodate the congregation. This prompted the idea to build another church in 1942. The foundation of the church was laid on the 13th November, 1944 by Revd. Canon S.E.O. Soyemi and was put to use on the 13th of July, 1949. It was licensed for marriage ceremonies in 1954.
Christianity continued to grow in Ajilete Suburbs as new churches were founded in later yearsviz:
St. James’ C.M.S Church, Ojuota 1934
St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Owode 1938
St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Eredo 1938
St. Paul’s Church, Abule Ogunlade 1942
St. Peter’s Church, Dabogi 1942
St. Paul’s Church, Idolubo 1944
St. John’s Anglican Church, Ajilete was elevated to a parish status on the 21st August, 1975, and was inaugurated on the 21st of August,
1976, by the Rt. Revd. J.S. Adeniyi (The first Bishop of Egbado Diocese). The churches under St. John’s Parish Church Ajilete before 1976 and after attraining parish status in 1976 were:
i. St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Owode (Now an Archdeaconry headquarters)
ii. All Saint’s Anglican Church, Ado-Odo (Now Parish)
iii. St. Michael Anglican Church, Odolehin
iv. St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Ilobi-Orile
v. St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Abule Ogunlade
vi. St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Dabogi
vii. St. John’s Anglican Churhcc, Idolubo
viii. St. James’ Anglican Church, Oju-Ota
Later other churches emerged and became members
ix. All Saint’s Anglican Church, Iloga-Ile
x. All Saint’s Anglican Church, Akinsowon
Parish meetings were held at Ajilete until 1988 when the Vicar/Chairman. Revd. J.B. Fagbemi (now retired Ven.) advised that the meeting should be rotated in order to promote evangelism. The church became an Archdeaconry headquarters in 2001 and was inaugurated on 12th May, 2001 by the Rt. Revd. T.I.O Bolaji (now late). The Vicarage was also dedicated same year.
(B) Archdeacons that have served so far are:
- Ven. E.O. Elegbede (Rtd.) 2001 - 2004
- Ven. D.K. Oyinlade (Rtd.) 2004 – 2006
- Revd. O.O. Oyedele (now Venerable) 2006 – 2007
- Revd. Canon Ojo (now Venerable) 2007 – 2011
- Revd. Canon A.A Omonana (now Venerable) 2012 – 2013
- Revd. V.O. Oyedele (now Venerable) 2012 – 2013
- Revd. Canon Faseyitan 2013 – 2014
- Ven. M.K. Oduntan 2014 – 2016
- Ven. A. D. Akintomide 2016 – 2018
- Ven. D. O. Odukoya 2018 – till date
(C) Progress Recorded so far (Physical and Spritual)
i. Physical Development:
Vicarage (commenced in 1978 and dedicated in 2001)
Lock up shops (started by Women’s Guild and completed by the church in 2014)
ii. Spiritual Development: The Archdeaconry is taking evangelism very seriously. This can be seen in the creation of more branches of the Archdeaconry in Ajilete. They are:
Anglican Church at Oke-Sango, Ajilete
Anglican Church along Ibeku Road, Ajilete
Anglican Church at Iseje, Opp. Old Barrack, Ajilete
iii. Other activities that encourage the spiritual development include:
Scheduled Services- Matins, Parish Communion Evensong, Special services/Sacraments
Baptism, confirmation, weddings
Prayer Time/Fellowship
Bible Studies
Evangelism (Revival, Retreat, Vigil e.t.c)
Youth and children fellowship
Visitation, Counseling, Welfare, Drama e.t.c
Glory be to Almighty God for His love and the great things He has done. There is a manifestation of the power of Holy Spirit in the Archdeaconry and the church is marching on; the gate of hell shall never prevail over it.