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We cannot but give glory and praise to God and our Lord Jesus Christ for the life of wonderful people like Chief Mrs. J.B. Mautin, JP and Late Chief E.O. Fagbohun, who was the Baba Ijo of St. John’s Church, Ihunbo. They were the frontiers people pulled, confronted and advised to catch the vision and mission of creating the new Archdeaconry. Also the Parochial Church Council of St. John’s Anglican Parish Church, Ihunbo and other churches under her for their support.
The church has vibrant youths, only that they reside outside the Archdeaconry because of their studies in higher institutions and white-collar jobs. A Nursery and Primary School has been established at the headquarters while teachers have been employed and paid as at when due.
We give kudos to all our fathers in the Lord who have served in the churches comprising the Archdeaconry. Revd.Canon J.O. Orukotan now Venerable Orukotan, Revd. Canon J.S.S Wusa (now Venerable), Revd. Canon S.B. Olaniru and their wives. Also Revd. and Mrs. Z.A. Abodunrin, Revd. and Mrs. A.O. Kolade and host of others. May the Lord increase and strengthen them and bless their ministries.
1. St. John’s Church, Ihunbo (Headquarters)
2. St. John’s Church, Ifonyintedo
3. St. Peter’s Church, Igborodo
4. Ebenezer Church, Olokuta
5. St. Luke’s Church, Idomogun
6. St. Paul’s Church, Asipa
New Efforts
7. St. Andrew’s Church, Odan Araromi
8. All Saints Church, Odan-Itoro
9. St. Peter’s Church, Oke-Iwo
10. St. Paul’s Church, Ilase
11. St. Stephen’s Church, Oke-Ojumo
12. St. James Church, Elemuren
13. Anglican Church, Madoga (though crumbled but we want God to help us raise it.)
Our Staff List Now:
1. Revd Canon & Mrs. Morenikeji (Administrator & Chairman)
2. Revd. Canon & Mrs. Babatunde
3. Revd. Canon & Mrs. Taiwo Otufowora
4. Revd. & Mrs. Michael Fakere
5. Revd. & Mrs. Ojomo
6. Revd. & Mrs. Ogun----
7. Evangelists and Layreaders
Our Mission Activities and Prospects:
• To strengthen the existing churches, revitalize the striving ones, founding new ones through revival and outreaches.
• To increase the economic capacity, physical and spiritual growth of members and churches.